Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Kit for Sniper, Falcon & Snooper Sat Navs


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This handy little kit allows you to connect a reversing camera to your Sniper, Falcon or Snooper portable satellite navigation system wirelessly. Compatible with all models that have a 2.5mm AV input socket.

Just plug the wireless receiver dongle in between the sat nav and the car power lead and into the video input socket on the side and wire the transmitter to your reversing light circuit, it even includes a power pass through to run your camera. When the car is put into reverse the sat nav will automatically switch to the camera.

Any reversing camera with a standard 75 ohm composite video output can be plugged into the transmitter

Maximum range approx 15m in open space


  • 12 Volt 2.4GHz wireless transmitter with male phono plug and male 3.5mm power plug.
  • 2.4GHz wireless receiver with mini USB power connector & pass through and 2.5mm 4 pole AV connection.


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