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Parking Sensors FAQ Parking Sensors FAQ

See our full range of parking and reversing aids here.

Can the Sensors be painted to match my bumper?
Yes, the sensors can be spray painted to match. Only use 2 fine coats of spray paint, do not use brush on paint or touch up brushes as this is too thick. Avoid using metallic paint on the centers of the sensors.

I have a tow bar, is this a problem?
If you have a tow bar you should fit one of our tow bar compatible parking sensor kits.

I have a rear mounted spare wheel on my 4x4, will this affect the sensors?
If the wheel is positioned so that it will come within the 70 degree vertical detection range of where the sensors would be positioned then you should install one of our rear spare wheel compatible parking sensor kits.

I've heard that parking sensors can't be used on metal bumpers
If you have metal bumpers you should install one of our metal bumper compatible parking sensor kits.

Why is a "bulb failure warning" light is coming on since fitting the kit?
For vehicles with a bulb failure detection circuit you may need to connect the feed from the reversing light circuit to the parking sensors using a relay.

Why does it beep very quietly every 30 seconds, even when I'm not reversing?
This is caused by a bulb failure detection circuit on the vehicle, you will need to connect the feed from the reversing light circuit to the parking sensors using a relay.




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